4 - A powerful learning environment

Both the classroom and the school environment have everything they need to be a powerful learning environment. Therefore, it is important that:

  • students and teachers collaborate on challenging projects in a positive classroom climate
  • language and literacy are a central focus of every lesson and every teacher, not just the language teacher
  • the themes addressed in school start from the children’s everyday lives
  • the learning activities stimulate learning. They challenge children and young people and are based on the basic idea that making mistakes is allowed and not knowing is a basic attitude for learning.
  • the classroom climate is interactive so that students can discuss, communicate, and discover.
    In short: the diversity in the classroom is fully utilized.

Apply the principles of a ‘powerful learning environment’ by:

  • thoroughly implementing this policy in the schools and classes,
  • providing pupils with maximal opportunities to acquire the language of instruction and to exploit their multilingual repertoires in a powerful learning environment is pivotal.

This kind of school language policy will overcome the ‘either-or’-ideas – which are currently in the mindset of some schools: you either focus only on the language of instruction or you focus on a classic multilingual curriculum (where e.g. the Turks are also able to take some Turkish lessons).