In order to prepare teachers to teach effectively to children with highly diverse linguistic and cultural background without any knowledge of the school language and sometimes without any school experience, there is much more competencies needed than those required for the regular teacher. Teaching competences include a complex combination of knowledge, skills, understanding, values and attitudes that will lead to effective action in situation.

The aim of this module is to set up an interactive learning module to strengthen the competences of the teachers working with newcomers before and after the transition to the regular classroom.


  • To offer a tool to train teachers to support and teach newcomers effectively;
  • To provide schools with teachers who have a better understanding of ethnic- cultural diversity and who possess the skills to develop the right incentives regarding the personal development of the children.


The university of Helsinki is responsible for the development and evaluation of the module. They will provide guidance and best practices for the development of this pedagogical module enhancing quality of learning in a diversified classroom. They will provide expertise and guidance throughout the pilot implementation phase of the pedagogical module.

Specific skills and approaches required will be identified and evaluated through cross-national analyses. Based on the cross national analyses an interactive module will be developed and implemented in the partner schools. Teachers will be trained to learn these new methods and approaches.
The University of Helsinki will provide training for its own city and an online training and support for the partners’ cities and schools. The blog will be used to exchange experiences during the project.