Further reading

Lopez et al., (2001), Redefining parental involvement: Lessons from high-performing migrant-impacted schools.
This article describes a US study that looked at how contact/ communication/ involvement with parents is established in academically high-performing schools with a high number of migrants. Previous research has repeatedly shown that parental involvement in the school as well as involvement with parents from the school is connected to school results. This study shows that all the schools that were part of the study deal with the needs of the families. The staff supports the parents on a social, financial, and physical level and there are programs and activities to help families with things like housing, clothing, or learning the language. Successful schools organize home visits and constantly keep track of changes and the changing needs of the families. They organize charitable activities and contact local charities. The idea is that by offering help both at school and at home, parents have more time and energy to be involved with the education of their children.