Good practices

The Emmaus Primary School in Rotterdam (the Netherlands), for example, has two employees who focus on parental involvement. They respond to the needs of parents as well as those of the school and the children. This way, they can readily contact the parents if the pupil is having any issues, but also to let them know if something is going really well.

Another way of making it easier for the relatives to be involved in the education is simply making information more accessible. For example, the Weslaco Independent School District in Texas (USA) has a website that has a separate page on parental involvement. It provides information on projects that focus on healthy living, English as a school language, the phone numbers and names of various charities and also on guides. It also has a button that allows you to view the website in Spanish (the first language of most newly arrived families in that area), as it simply uses Google Translate to translate the website.

If your school’s website is not yet translatable, you can connect Google translate to the website ( Even though Google’s translations are not perfect, it makes the site more easily accessible to parents and any others who are involved. This is only an option if your school has a Google account. If your school does not have one yet, you can register via Google account (

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