EDINA Newsletter #4

EDINA Newsletter #4


We are happy to present to you the fourth, updated official EDINA newsletter! In this newsletter you will find reports on the Dutch, Belgian and Finnish Multiplier Events, a summary of the big EDINA Final Conference in June 2017, as well as summaries of events at which our project partners represented EDINA. You will also find an example of innovative practices and news items gathered from our partners.

We would like to place special emphasis on the launch of the renewed EDINA website (for now available in English and Dutch), where you can now find digital versions of the tools that were developed during this project and much, much more: edinaplatform.eu

We hope you enjoy the items we have selected for this fourth newsletter edition. For regular updates on the project and events, please have a look at our renewed website edinaplatform.eu and Twitter page @edinaproject.