Good practices

In Sweden, there is a national program focused on mapping pupils’ knowledge of languages and various other topics: the content is called ‘Kartläggningsmaterial’ and consists of three parts:

  • an inventory of the student’s school career (‘step 1’);
  • an inventory of their skills in languages and maths (‘step 2’);
  • an inventory of knowledge/insight into other areas, such as people and society, science subjects and all other areas (‘step 3’).

The first two parts should be completed within two months. The third part can be useful later on at asylum seeker school or at the regular school. An official accompanying document that provides guidelines for the use of this content is currently being developed by the Nationellt Centrum för Svenska som andraspråk, commissioned by Skolverket (the national agency for education, the ministry’s implementation service). Information sessions are held throughout the country, in collaboration with the universities and colleges.

For information aimed at pupils and parents (available in many languages), please visit the website (also in English version).

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