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Education of International Newly Arrived migrant pupils at primary and secondary school level


A Great Start In Life

Are you a researcher, a policy maker or a practitioner involved early childhood education and care or primary schools?  Are you working for increasing their quality and inclusiveness? Would you…

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Interview: Maria Sperling

As the education of migrant children involves a great many people, and not only those who directly teach them, the EDINA team thought it interesting to share some knowledge of people who…

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3rd SGM in Ghent has started

In the lovely city of Ghent, representatives from the schools, municipalities and universities of Ghent, Utrecht/Rotterdam and Helsinki have gathered to discuss the future goals of EDINA, the Tools etc.

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Feedback from our expert schools!

Last Tuesday, the 14th of June, we organised a meeting with our three expert schools in the Netherlands to discuss the different tools concerning the transition, differentiation and teacher competencies. Goal…

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Short documentary about refugees

Click the link below for a short documentary about refugees (in Dutch). A girl tells her story about six years after her arrival in the Netherlands. A must-see!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjNFwQWsOxQ

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“Approaches to integrating immigrant and refugee children in the educational system that focus on getting the children proficient in the school language as quickly as possible, […] can result in interrupted intellectual development and a break in valuable links to family and community.”

The Atlantic: “Losing Identity During the Refugee Crisis” http://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2016/05/balancing-integration-and-assimilation-during-the-refugee-crisis/482757/

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