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Education of International Newly Arrived migrant pupils at primary and secondary school level


5th Steering Group Meeting in Ghent

On the 27th and 28th of November 2017, twenty EDINA-representatives from Belgium, Finland and the Netherlands gathered at the beautiful Sint-Baafshuis in the very centre of Ghent for the fifth Steering Group Meeting. During this Meeting, the three countries presented the almost finalized versions of their tools on differentiation, intercultural competencies, and transition processes.

During creative exercises, each participant was asked to envision the EDINA-project and its products three years from now. These workshops resulted in more concrete ideas concerning the lay-out for the digitalization of the EDINA Tools, or in other words the website which will be the final outcome of this project. The teams also made great progress while discussing the planning for the three respective Multiplier Events in 2018 and the programme of EDINA’s Final Conference on the 7th of June 2018.

Piet van Avermaet (Centre for Diversity and Learning, UGent) gave an inspiring presentation named “11 ideas on the concepts we use in the EDINA-project,” where he stressed the importance of powerful learning environments and how to make use of the existing multilingual repertoires. At the end of the meeting, the Belgian Advisory Board shared their positive views on the development of the EDINA-project and expressed joy and satisfaction in learning something new each time the EDINA team came together.