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NAOS Final Conference: Do Europe In One Day!

On the 21th of June the NAOS project, a partner Erasmus+ program of EDINA, organized its Final Conference. For the last three years, NAOS has organized exchanges between schools in different countries in order to learn from each other’s knowledge, experience and good practices. The central topic of NAOS is the professional capacity of teachers who are dealing with diversity related to migration in all its forms. This professional capacity includes cooperation and exchange between educational professionals and other stakeholders in development of children. In total, ten countries across Europe have participated in exchange and in three more countries a case study was conducted.

The title of the conference ‘Do Europe In One Day’, covered the content and the ambience very well. Especially during the opening of the day, where every partner wished the audience a good morning in their own language or languages. Representatives of all participating countries were present to give workshops and presentations about their school or organization, to give us insights in the issues they are dealing with in their environment and how they have successfully handled it. Videos of every country can be found here: http://naos.risbo.org/video-implemation-studies/ . The programme ended with a key note speech by Regine Hartung, the coordinator an agency in Hamburg that provides material and consultancy regarding intercultural education.

All in all, it was a very informative day and it was great to see so many countries together, celebrating diversity and learning from each other’s experiences. Although it is a pity the project came to an end, NAOS has definitely contributed to professionalization and internationalization of teachers across Europe!

For more information about the above mentioned case studies, videos and the handbooks and other materials NAOS has developed, please visit the website http://naos.risbo.org/