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Education of International Newly Arrived migrant pupils at primary and secondary school level


The First EDINA Workshops!

In Rotterdam, The Netherlands, the Dutch EDINA group gathered to teach the first workshops on intercultural competencies for primary and secondary teachers, board members and other school personnel! These meetings took place separately on February 7 (primary education) and February 9 (secondary education). In four hours, we discussed intercultural competencies: how can intercultural skills be developed? Which support questions are there from the schools? How does plurilingual acquisition work, and how does it differ from monolingual acquisition? What are the challenges that Newly Arrived Migrant pupils face in Dutch education? Does the ideal education for multilingual students exist? What can teachers do to best supervise multilingual pupils?

In preparation for this workshop, we ask everyone to think about what their ideal school would look like, and bring us a list of criteria from the viewpoint of their current employment. This led to a lively discussion on what would be best for the pupils, which we later discussed in context of scientific research.