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Education of International Newly Arrived migrant pupils at primary and secondary school level


1 September 2016

National Project Group The Netherlands


On the first of September, 2016, a National Project Group – The Netherlands meeting took place between representatives from the Flemish and Dutch boards of education, the municipalities of Rotterdam and The Hague, several primary and secondary schools, the Dutch National Reconnaissance Office, and the EDINA project. A full list of the represented agencies is given below.

The main topics of this meeting were the political and scientific changes since the last National Project Group – The Netherlands meeting in January 2016. The meeting also included classroom observations from one of the Newly Arrived Migrant Children teachers, and some of their success stories.

The project group also discussed how to best utilize a second year of language training for Newly Arrived Migrant children, for which there now is more national support financially. Finally, they discussed the importance of further improving the education of Newly Arrived Migrant children over 16 years of age, a target group which will require more focus to help prevent segregation in schools and society.

The next National Project Group – The Netherlands meeting will take place on the 2nd of February, 2017.

Full list of represented agencies:
VO advisory board
Koers VO
Dutch board of education
Municipality of The Hague
Municipality of Rotterdam
RVKO + KBS Emmaus
LMC-Carre College
Stichting Boor
OSBS de Kameleon
Hogeschool Utrecht
Rutu fountation
Universiteit Utrecht