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Education of International Newly Arrived migrant pupils at primary and secondary school level


18 November 2016

Exchange EDINA schools – Gent, Belgium

On the 18th of November, several representatives from Dutch primary and Flemish primary and secondary schools met up in Gent, Belgium, in order to discuss the EDINA project and its implementation. The meeting took place between researchers of the EDINA project, the municipality of Gent, and a variety of teachers, supervisors, care coordinators, managing boards, and other faculty members.

The goals of this exchange were twofold:

  1. Exchange of each other’s practices, and to understand better the questions that may arise;
  2. Present the EDINA tools and request feedback from the schools so that the tools will actively contribute to current teaching practices when they are implemented.

During this exchange, different methods and teaching styles were discussed between the teacher representatives in the format of a mini market. Teachers had the opportunity to learn from each other’s methods and ask questions on the countries’ different regulations regarding newly arrived migrant pupils.

The day ended with separate meetings for the Dutch and Belgian teams in order to discuss what EDINA could offer them, and how this would be implemented in each country.