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Education of International Newly Arrived migrant pupils at primary and secondary school level


2 February 2017
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

3rd National Project Group

The third National Project Group (NPG) meeting took place on February 2nd in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The steering group met up to discuss the European, national and regional developments in education of migrant children.

We discussed the most important national developments for both primary and secondary education.  We also made a short comparison of Newly Arrived Migrant pupils in all three cities of the EDINA project: what are the differences and similarities between Helsinki, Ghent and Rotterdam? And what works best for each of those cities?

We continued with the current state of affairs of the development of proffesionalisation of current schools and teachers, and how EDINA can support this. Furthermore, Leonie Rosendaal from SNTR  (link in Dutch) told us some of her experiences with supporting migrant pupils in education and society.

All in all, it was a fruitful discussion! The next National Project Group – The Netherlands meeting will take place on September 7, 2017 in Rotterdam.