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Education of International Newly Arrived migrant pupils at primary and secondary school level


22 March 2016

2nd NPG Gent-Belgium

On March 22nd, the second NPG meeting in Gent-Belgium takes place. The steering group discusses the first ideas and planning of the tool that Gent will develop, ‘differentiation in the classroom’. The discussion is based on the powerpoint-presentation we also used at the International SGM in Rotterdam (14-16 March). The ideas of using ‘scenarios’ or ‘scripts’ as a structure for the tool is approved. The steering group also advises on the content and form the tool can develop. Finally the steering group discusses the planning and timing of 2016: different phases in feedback on the tool development, the exchange between the local EDINA-schools, the international SGM coming up in October (in Gent).

20160322_NPG Gent - Belgium (2) 20160322_NPG Gent - Belgium